Mental health
8 August, 2017

My heart truly aches for anyone who experiences depression, I think it even skips a beat when I think about someone encountering such an insidious and isolating disorder.

Anyone who experiences depression and lives daily with the heavy black cloud following their every move really is a hero in my eyes.

I really don’t believe that there is one fix for anybody’s depression but I have put some thoughts below on areas that may help...

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Caregivers, Carers, Dementia
30 May, 2017

Meeting psychological needs (such as someone's sense of belonging and how they feel about themselves) is at the core of person-centred care, which is often viewed as the best practice for offering care and support to individuals living with dementia.

Person-centred dementia care seeks to enhance the well-being and empowerment of people living with dementia, regardless of their cognitive functioning. In adopting a person-centred approach to dementia care, it can lead to an enhanced quality of life and increased sense of well-being for both caregivers and individuals living with dementia.

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Caregivers, Carers, Dementia awareness, Mind, Dementia
10 April, 2017

Supporting loved ones with dementia is something very close to my heart so I've written about some areas that may help :-)

A few areas to consider:

Maintain your well-being

When caring for a loved one with dementia, it can be easy to put the other person's needs first and ignore your own, but looking after yourself is vital for your own health and well-being :-) Taking care of yourself is an absolute must!

You could try writing lists as they can be useful to break down the steps needed for each decision or task that needs to be made. This might also help to reduce stress in decision-making.

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Caregivers, Carers, Mental health
26 January, 2017

Some days I feel desperately sad that I cannot help, some days I feel overwhelmed with anger at the emotional abuse I receive at your hands...and sometimes I feel so much guilt at the thought of not giving up my life (and that's what it would be) to give in to your every demand and becoming a shell. A battered and bruised individual who will never be good enough to support you in the way you need.

Last year I heard the psychiatrist write your life off. I wondered if someone diagnosed with a physical illness would receive the same callous and blasé attitude.

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Mental health, Mental illness, Suicide, Suicide prevention
4 January, 2016

I cannot count the number of conversations I have with people who try to tell me suicide is a sign of weakness! I challenge this perception until I'm blue in the face, even writing it down pains me.

People who die by suicide are not weak, they are ill!

It is very tiring to hear the word 'weak' in association with suicide. We don't call people with other illnesses weak, yet people struggling with mental illness, suicidal feelings or people who take their own lives are. I'm honestly dumbfounded by this notion.

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