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2 March, 2018

Wow I’m a carer?! My immediate thought is that I’m going to use it as my new strapline. Actually on second thoughts I think I’ll go for carer/ superhero – I mean who doesn’t want to be a superhero after all :)

What is a carer?

I had personally never ever considered this title. My perception of a carer was for those people who supported the physical needs of others.

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Caregivers, Carers, Mental health, Suicide prevention
8 January, 2018

I’ve had one of those months where I’ve been fortunate enough to have some really in-depth conversations with people and I’ve learnt sooooo much. It really reinforces to me not to take everything on face-value and that no one really knows what goes on in someone’s life truly, especially without having conversations.

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Caregivers, Carers, Mental health
3 December, 2017

Apologies to start this with a feast full of negativity ... but I look at a hospital visit that I experienced with my loved one with ill mental health this year as a particularly tough experience.

Being shouted and sworn at, told how horrible I was (for trying to help) and over 30 people in a busy waiting room staring at me was probably not one of my life highlights ... and actually I understand it ALL!

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Mental health
8 November, 2017

Christmas is the time for festive cheer, sparkles, celebrations and dressing up as an elf (oh maybe that one is just me).

I really love the run up to Christmas, more than the actual day to be honest! I love mince pies, decorations, fairy lights, trees with angels on top, socialising, smiles ... laughter .... basically EVERYTHING!

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Mental health, Suicide prevention
22 August, 2017

It's almost 2017's World Suicide Prevention Day (10 September) A day aiming to provide international awareness for action in preventing suicides. 

Every year, more than 800,000 people die by suicide. For every person who dies by suicide, 25 more attempt to end their own lives.

Behind these heartbreaking figures is a story belonging to each and every individual who has at some point questioned their existence in the world.

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  • An interview with Claire Grover-Forde
    29 May, 2020

    Rebecca speaks to the lovely Claire Grover-Forde who is a Support with Confidence PA. Claire has been working as a PA for four years and within the Health and Social Care sector for ten years. 

  • An interview with Dominic Cardall
    12 May, 2020

    Rebecca speaks to the lovely Dominic Cardall about his wife of 33 years Gill.

  • An interview with Charlotte Carp
    5 May, 2020

    Rebecca speaks to good friend Charlotte Carp whose mum lives with a rare form of dementia: Posterior Corticol Atrophy (PCA).