Aspergers, Autism spectrum, Care, Caregivers, Carers, Mental health
15 May, 2018

I was about 20 when I felt the full-force of supporting my mum. It wasn’t unexpected ... in my late teens she used to call me a lot ... some friends would comment “Is it your mum AGAIN?!” and yes it was.

She needed me. She needed to hear my voice, she needed my reassurance, my support and me to listen to her hourly struggles in order to decipher a world she has never truly felt part of.

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Dementia, Dementia awareness, Happiness, Mental health
1 May, 2018

It is with a really heavy heart when I say devastatingly, there is currently no cure or medical treatment for dementia and I often get asked why?

My heart could not go out further for someone who receives a diagnosis of a condition, and then is told that very little can be done to cure it or halt the progression.

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Caregivers, Dementia, Dementia awareness, Carers
29 March, 2018

In this video, I talk about 3 activity ideas that you can do with people living with dementia.

What activities have you tried?

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Caregivers, Carers, Dementia, Dementia awareness, Mental health
16 March, 2018

I have been a dementia advocate for over three years and in this video  I dispel three of the most common myths about dementia.

What other myths do you think surround this condition?

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Caregivers, Carers, Dementia, Dementia awareness, Mental health
2 March, 2018

Wow I’m a carer?! My immediate thought is that I’m going to use it as my new strapline. Actually on second thoughts I think I’ll go for carer/ superhero – I mean who doesn’t want to be a superhero after all :)

What is a carer?

I had personally never ever considered this title. My perception of a carer was for those people who supported the physical needs of others.

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