Public Speaker, Writer and Podcaster promoting understanding about wellbeing, dementia and support for carers.

I am devoted to these causes as I believe that everybody deserves the opportunity to have the best life possible!


Public Speaker

I am trained in the psychology of dementia care and offer workshops and talks on dementia, wellbeing and support for carers at corporate organisations, charities and the public sector.


I am a keen writer and use my knowledge on dementia, wellbeing and being a carer to create honest and informative blogs that I really hope will help people going through challenging times.


I host the podcast We Care. I started the podcast as a platform for carers to be able to share their experiences of caring for loved ones. You can listen to the podcast episodes on the link below.



14 May, 2022

One of the hardest things you will ever have to do is grieve for someone who is still living. This blog discusses the grief process of the loss of my mum. I really hope it is helpful to others experiencing this type of grief.

26 March, 2022

In 2020 I said a beyond heart-aching goodbye to my mum. The person who I love so dearly and also the person who I can devastatingly no longer have in my life.

19 March, 2020

The wonderful carer's charity Carers Trust asked me to share my experience of caring for a parent so here I share my story and I hope it offers comfort to others in similar positions. 


Helen Thornley

Rebecca has a broad understanding of wider mental health issues and has provided me with some really useful advice on how to assist others who may be struggling with their mental health, so that I felt much better equipped to support someone who needed a listening ear.

Helen Thornley
Women's Rights Advocate
Constantine Papademetriou

There is no greater testament to Rebecca than the smile you see on the faces of everyone she has met. Through Rebecca's podcast We Care, she takes you on a journey from the word go and provides so much love and support for carers, making them feel like they are never alone.

Constantine Papademetriou
Political Researcher
Charlotte Carp

It is rare you come across standout passion and talent like Rebecca.

Charlotte Carp
National Ambitions Project Manager - Dementia Support