I'm Rebecca and I'm a Public Speaker, Writer and Podcaster. My main aim is to raise awareness of the challenges that carers and individuals face; and to champion the best life possible for those living with dementia and those who care for them.

I hold a postgraduate degree in the Psychology of Dementia Care from St Andrews University and am the former North London Dementia Representative for Alzheimer's Society. I also co-chaired East Sussex Dementia Action Alliance and have conducted workshops for organisations such as Arsenal Football Club, Ogilvy, London Fire Brigade and Mishcon De Reya.

Please contact me via the details on the contact page.

  • COVID-19: Caring from afar
    15 April, 2020

    Here is a blog I wrote for Mobilise about caring for a parent from afar throughout COVID-19. I've shared some ideas that I hope will be useful for people with caring responsibilities. 

  • Caring for a parent
    19 March, 2020

    The wonderful carer's charity Carers Trust asked me to share my experience of caring for a parent so here I share my story and I hope it offers comfort to others in similar positions. 

  • Reducing your risk of dementia
    5 February, 2020

    One of the most common questions I get asked when I talk to people about dementia is “How can I reduce my risk of getting dementia?” - it’s a completely valid question! 

  • Guilt and dementia
    17 December, 2019

    I always find myself saying to people that guilt is a wasted emotion. It’s there to tell us not to do something again … to learn from our mistakes and to spare us from the dreaded heart-wrenching, fierce knot-in stomach feeling that can immobilise our whole bodies.

  • Being a working carer
    6 November, 2019

    Recently I wrote a blog for Mental Health Conference This Can Happen about being a working carer and how employers can help so I've shared it below: 

  • An interview with Claire Grover-Forde
    29 May, 2020

    Rebecca speaks to the lovely Claire Grover-Forde who is a Support with Confidence PA. Claire has been working as a PA for four years and within the Health and Social Care sector for ten years. 

  • An interview with Dominic Cardall
    12 May, 2020

    Rebecca speaks to the lovely Dominic Cardall about his wife of 33 years Gill.

  • An interview with Charlotte Carp
    5 May, 2020

    Rebecca speaks to good friend Charlotte Carp whose mum lives with a rare form of dementia: Posterior Corticol Atrophy (PCA).